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Vitamin D3 Powder 100,000IU

Vitamin D3 Powder 100,000IU

Product Name: Vitamin D3
CAS No: 67-97-0
Appearance: White free flowing powder
Assay: 100,000 IU/G
  Particle size: 100% pass 20mesh
Test Methods: HPLC
Certification: ISO, KOSHER, HACCP, CQC


Product Description

Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin, is used as a precursor for calcium, phosphorus metabolic hormones, it has close relationship with sunshine, so also called the "sunshine vitamin".  Vitamin D3 is fat-soluble, soluble in water, can dissolve in fat or fat solvents, high temperature, and oxidation in neutral and alkaline solution.

For rickets, osteomalacia and baby brothers tetany, rickets and dental caries prevention and control of this product is also available. Larger doses for cutaneous tuberculosis, skin, and mucous membrane also each lupus erythematosus (sle), etc.  Vitamin class medicine, mainly to promote intestinal absorption and sediment of calcium and phosphorus and sediment, for the treatment of diseases rickets and osteomalacia.

Product Name: Vitamin D3

CAS No: 67-97-0 

Appearance: White free flowing powder

Assay: 100,000 IU/G  

Particle size: 100% pass 20mesh

Test Methods: HPLC


1. improving the body of calcium and phosphorus absorption, getting the plasma levels of calcium and phosphorus to saturation.

2. to promote growth and bone calcification, and promote healthy teeth growth

3. increasing the absorption of phosphorus through the intestinal wall, therefore increasing  reabsorption of phosphorus through renal tubular

4. to maintain normal blood levels of citrate;

5. to prevent the amino acid Loss through the kidneys. To be used for the treatment of rickets, osteomalacia and baby tetany, Large doses for skin tuberculosis, skin and mucous membranes such as various types of lupus erythematosus;

6. Suggested dosage

Solid drink, ice cream,10-20 ug/kg

Oufen 50-100 ug/kg

Bean milk, soy,15-60 ug/kg

Soy milk, soy milk 3-15 ug/kg

Jelly 10-40 ug/kg

Instant breakfast cereals,12.5-37 .5 ug/kg

Expanded sandwich food 10-60 ug/kg.

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