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Arbutin Mild Spot Without Irritation
Dec 04, 2018

Arbutin, also known as Ursolanlin , is white acicular crystal or powder. Ursolanlin can also be found in leaves of bear fruits, some fruits, and other plants.

Before introducing ursolanlin, we first introduce a substance: hydroquinone. It can interfere with the formation of melanin to achieve whitening effect, but because of its irritation, it can cause irritant dermatitis and pigmentation precipitation, which is listed in many countries as contraband cosmetics.

Ursolanin introduced a glucose molecule into the molecule, which can reduce the stimulation effect, interfere with melanocyte and desalinate the melanin formed. It has good sunscreen ability and light spot effect. It is used to treat chloasma, freckles, and other pigments. It has a good effect. The limit of use in skin care products is 7%. It has the effect of brightening the skin, penetrating into the skin quickly without affecting the skin cells, combining with tyrosinase which causes melanin, effectively blocking the activity of tyrosinase and the production of melanin, and accelerating the decomposition and elimination of melanin. In addition, ursolanlin can protect skin from free radicals and has good hydrophilicity, so it is often added to market whitening products, especially in Asian countries.

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