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What is Lycopene?
Dec 03, 2018


Lycopene, also called ψ,ψ- carotene, needle deep red crystals, is a kind of natural plant pigment contained.

CAS NO.: 502-65-8

Chemical formula: C40H56

Molecular weight: 536.8726

Lycopene belongs to isoprene compounds and is a kind of carotenoids. It mainly exists in the mature fruit of tomatoes of Solanaceae plants. Not only distributed in tomatoes, but also in the fruit of Mubie fruit, watermelon, pumpkin, plum, persimmon, pepper fruit, peach, papaya, mango, guava, grape, grapefruit, cranberry, cloudberry, citrus, tea leaves and the root of radish, carrot, turnip, and cabbage.

It has antioxidant activity, regulates cell growth and metabolism, and regulates cholesterol metabolism.

The function of health care, prevention, and suppression of tumors, helps to delay aging; helps to enhance anti-radiation ability; helps to regulate blood lipids; improves male infertility; helps to promote the healthy development of female breasts.

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