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What is L-citruline?
Oct 23, 2018


Citrulline is a kind of alpha-amino acid. CAS NO.: 372-75-8. Chemical formula: C6H13N3O3 molecular weight: 175.19 appearance: white crystalline.

It was first obtained from watermelon and named citrulline.

Citrulline is produced from ornithine and aminoforyl phosphate in the urea cycle, or by-products of NO from arginine catalyzed by nitric oxide synthase (NOS). First, arginine is oxidized to N-hydroxy-arginine, then to citrulline and releases nitric oxide.

When citrulline is still an amino acid, because it is not encoded for DNA, it will not be embedded in proteins in protein biosynthesis, but some proteins still contain citrulline. These citrullines are produced by the peptide arginine imidase (PAD), which converts arginine into citrulline during the ammoniation of citrulline. Generally, citrulline-containing proteins include human brain myelin basic protein (MBP), polykeratin microfilament protein and some histones.


Improve immune system function, maintain joint movement function, balance normal blood sugar level, contain abundant antioxidant and absorb harmful free radicals, help maintain normal cholesterol level, maintain Jiankang's lung function, improve mental clarity, reduce pressure and overcome depression, improve healthy sexual life function.

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