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(1) Is It Safe To Use Altrenogest?
Nov 28, 2018

Altrenogest is a chemical substance with a molecular formula of C21H26O2. Its CAS No. is 850-52-2. Its form is white or light yellow crystalline powder. Density is 1.15g/cm3 and melting point is 116°C~121°C. It is insoluble in water and unstable to light and heat.


Altrenogest is mainly used on livestock animals, especially on pigs and horses. Why do we say its application in pig production? Then let us first look at the problems encountered in sow production.


In general, the sow's gestation period averages 114 days, which is 3.67 months. The Final length of the gestation period of the sow varies according to the breed of the pig, but the individual difference is more obvious. But the problem is coming. If the sow is delivered 4 days before the average delivery period, the piglet is relatively weak after birth; if it is delivered earlier than 7 days, the piglet is sparse after birth and has a poorer living ability. It is difficult to survive without special care. Conversely, if the sow is produced 4 days after the average delivery period, the pig is larger after the birth and the coat is longer, but the nutrition is not necessarily good and the vitality is also affected. If you give birth later than 7 days, it is very likely that there will be a full-bodied stillbirth. Even if it is dead, the delivery period will be postponed until manual intervention.

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Therefore, overall, the delay in delivery of sows and the premature birth of sows are abnormal productions that often occur in pig production. This will influences the results of sow birth and causes economic loss in different degree.

Using Altrenogest can help you solve this problem effectively. It is used in gilts to induce simultaneous estrus and simultaneous ovulation, increasing ovulation rate and increasing pregnancy rate, but does not affect the survival rate of pigs. Treatment measures: feeding Altrenogest for 15d~18d, concentrated estrus for several days after stopping the administration, and the estrus rate is 85%~98%. In the promotion of ovulation in the same period, the combination of it and PGG600 can produce a more significant effect on ovulation rate.


By feeding it, it is possible to delay the delivery of sows during the second trimester of pregnancy, thereby achieving simultaneous delivery.

But there is a problem here, that is, in the late pregnancy, the use of Altrenogest in sows will cause the stillbirth rate or not, as well as the difficulty of yield increases. The answer is no. Moreover, it does not cause a decrease in postpartum lactation and IgG content in milk. What's even better is that this drug's delayed delivery function can also be used for premature birth caused by mycotoxins, avoiding sows giving birth at weekends. Altrenogest can also be used to delay the estrus of sows after weaning and improve the reproductive performance of sows in lower fetuses, but does not affect the delivery rate.

Finally, we draw a conclusion. Altrenogest is not only safe to use in your pig farm, but it also have other pratical benefits on the delivery of the pigs.


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