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The Three Effects Of Lutein On Your Eyes
Oct 10, 2017

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With the development of society, more and more people have joined the ranks of computer families. Every day, we spend some time on computers and smart phones, online shopping, chatting, and playing games. . . However, facing the computer and mobile phone for a long time, it has caused serious damage to the eyes, such as eye fatigue, dry eyes, and decreased vision. The eyes are the windows of the mind, the important bridge and foundation for our communication with the world.

How can we prevent the eyes from aging? Adding lutein may be a good choice for you.


Lutein's effect on the eyes

1. The main pigment components of the retina

Lutein and zeaxanthin constitute the main components of vegetable pigments such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc., and are also the main pigments in the macular area of the human eye. The human eye contains a high amount of lutein, which is not made by the human body and must be supplemented by the intake of lutein. If this element is absent, the eye will be blind.


2. Prevention of high myopia sequelae

High myopia is prone to retinal detachment, stagnant water, floating mosquitoes, etc., and even lead to permanent blindness. Supplementing enough lutein can make the eyes have enough nutrients to reduce the incidence of lesions.


3. Protect the eyes from light damage

Ultraviolet light and blue light in the sun enter the eye and produce a lot of free radicals, leading to cataracts, macular degeneration, and even cancer. Ultraviolet light can generally be filtered by the cornea and lens, but blue light can penetrate the eyeball directly to the retina and the macula. The lutein in the macula can filter out the blue light and avoid the damage of the blue light to the eye.

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