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Nootropics 50% Alpha Gpc Powder

Nootropics 50% Alpha Gpc Powder

Product Name: Alpha GPC Liquid
CAS NO.:28319-77-9
  Appearance: White to off-white powder
Purity: 50%
DMF#: 29128
Molecular formula: C8H20NO6P
Molecular weight: 257.2213
Certification:ISO, KOSHER, HACCP, CQC


Product Description:

Alpha GPC has significant nootropic properties, including memory enhancement and protection against brain aging. Extensive clinical trials involving thousands of participants have shown it to be an effective treatment for age-related memory loss associated with a variety of disorders, including Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, and stroke. It also has neuroprotective anti-aging capabilities and studies suggest it may also be useful in the treatment of anxiety.

It has non-nootropic benefits as well, including the ability to enhance cell membrane health and promote rapid recovery after physical exertion. Preliminary studies suggest that it may also act as a dopaminergic, promoting the release of the hormone dopamine, meaning it may serve as a potential treatment for neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson's disease and mayalso be a mood enhancer.

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Product name:50% Alpha-GPC

Choline Alfoscerate)Choline glycerophosphate; 

CAS No.:28319-77-9

Purity: 50%

Use: A nootropic phospholipid


AppearanceWhite powder


Conforms to the standard

Heavy Metals




Total plate count


Yeast and Mold









1. Increases human growth hormone (HGH) Increase endogenous human growth hormone (HGH) secretion by the anterior pituitary in conjunction with growth hormone releasing hormone (HGHR), that is, both alpha GPC and GHRH act concertedly to stimulate the release of HGH, naturally

2. Improved mental focus and stimulation of cognitive function Stimulation of the enzymatic synthesis of phosphatidylcholine in nerves, muscle cells and all cell membranes, counteracting the agree related decrease in phospholipid biosynthesis; thus, alpha-GPC contributes directly to improved mental focus and stimulation of cognitive function. 

3.mprove lipotrophic functions in the liver Elevation the blood and tissue levels of the essential nutrient, choline, which supports improved lipotrophic functions (methyl group transferases) in the liver. Research has shown that fatty liver, a condition associated with obesity, diabetes and heavy alcohol consumption, often leads to cirrhosis of the liver or liver failure. Alpha-GPC also acts synergistically with the body's store (and/or supplementation) of s-adenosyl thionine and folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 to facilitate methyl group transfers in the brain and liver.


50% alpha gpc rapidly delivers choline to the brain across the blood–brain barrier and is a biosynthetic precursor of the acetylcholine neurotransmitter.

Dosage: Commonly used doses are 300-1,200 mg daily.

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