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What is the Ubiquinol
Apr 03, 2017

                                                                     What is the Ubiquinol?

Uniquinol is an effective new form of Coenzyme Q10(Antioxidant), Also called Reduced Q10. It is can not pnly provide the genereal efficacy of coenzyme Q10, but aslo exert super absorbent character and higher concentrations in the blood. Some previoud studis showed that conezyme Q10 is a powderful antioxidant, and can effectively support the body's cardiovascular and energy systems by assisting  mitochondrial ATP synthesis. It has been also proved by scientific

research that Reduced Coenzyme Q10 was better than Coenzyme Q10 in bioavailability, antioxidant capacity, immensely enhanced the solubility, and greatly promoted the intestinal absorption. Meantime, Coenzyme Q10 can maintain cell integrity and stability by scavenging free radicals, and prevent cardiovascular system and heart from damages induced by bad cholesterol (LDL) oxidation.


Additionally, studies in cell culture system and clinical trials proved the outstanding functions of Reduced Coenzyme Q10 in antioxidant capacity, scavenging ability on free radicals, boosting power of the immune system, and in reducing fatigue, enhancing physical strength and delaying senility.

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