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Dec 07, 2016



Biotinis also called vitamin H, coenzyme R, is a water-soluble vitamin, also belong to the vitamin B group, B7.It is necessary for the synthesis of vitamin C, it is indispensable to normal metabolism of fat and protein substances.Is a kind of to maintain the body's natural growth, development and function of normal human body health of the necessary nutrients.

Biotin (Biotin) as one of the vitamin
 B, also known as Vitamin H, vitamin B7, Coenzyme R (Coenzyme R), etc.In the 1930 s in the study of yeast growth factors and the growth of rhizobia and breathing promoting factor, prevention and control of a can be found from the liver of the rats induced by feeding raw eggs because protein factor of hair removal and skin damage.Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin B group members.In the liver, kidney, yeast, milk content more, is an important factor of fixed carbon dioxide organisms.Easily combine with a protein in egg, a large number of consumption of raw protein can hinder the absorption of biotin in biotin deficiency, such as hair removal, weight loss, dermatitis, etc.Biotin in fat synthesis, sugar, etc., which played a key role in the biochemical reaction.

Biotin is saviour
for bald gens, not only effective for preventing hair loss and bald head, can also prevent common modern young white hair.It also plays an important role in maintain healthy skin.As for the effect of stable nerve system has not been confirmed, but it has a certain help for depression, insomnia.

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