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Food Additive D-Mannose Powder

Food Additive D-Mannose Powder

Product name: D-Mannose,D mannose
Other Name: D(+)-Mannose
CAS No.: 3458-28-4
Appearance: White crystalline powder
Assay: 98.5%~101.0%
Grade : food grade/ pharmaceutical grade
Certification:ISO, KOSHER, HACCP, CQC


Product Name

Mannose is a natural occurring simple sugar that appears to be a safe, practical alternative for the treatment of urinary tract infections (UTI’s). D Mannose is absorbed eight times slower than glucose, and when ingested, is not converted to glycogen or stored in the liver, but rather goes directly to the blood stream from the upper GI tract. Hence, D Mannose is mostly filtered through the kidneys and routed to the bladder lining is comprised of polysaccharide molecules. Finger-like projections on the cell surface of E. coli bacteria adhere to these molecules, initiating an infection. In the presence of D-Mannose, E. coli preferentially attaches to D-Mannose molecules forming a complex which is expelled with the next voiding.

Product name: D-Mannose,D mannose

Other Name: D(+)-Mannose 

Assay: 98.5%~101.0% 

Appearance: White crystalline power 

Grade : food grade/ pharmaceutical grade

MF: C6H12O6 

MW: 180.16

Melting point: 133-140oC

Density: 1.53

CAS No.: 3458-28-4


1. It can be used for additives of food and beverage, Rehabilitation of diabetes, obesity, constipation and high cholesterol and so on have a good supporting role.

2. It has anti-inflammatory effect, can inhibit the inflammatory response during wound healing. In addition, mannose derivatives has anti-inflammatory effect of peritonitis and adjuvant arthritis.

3.Inhibition of tumor growth and prevent parasites,bacteria,viruses and bacterial infections.

4.one of medicines component to improve sleep

5. It can be used to produce the D-mannose contraception

6. It can maintain urinary tract health purposes in an effective way and will not interfere with blood sugar regulation.

D-Mannose 3Application:

1. As a sugar, mannose is undoubtedly the first and most important use of sweeteners, additives for food and beverages, followed by medicine, and good adjuvant therapy for patients with diabetes, obesity, constipation and high cholesterol. It has also been reported that the aquaculture industry also has applications, such as adding appropriate amount of mannose to the chicken's drinking water, which can increase chicken egg production and prevent Salmonella from contaminating eggs.

2. Mannose is also a precursor of its derivatives, with more mannose-derived compounds and a wider range of uses. Mannitol is widely known at present, and mannitol is more widely used than mannose. It is a low-calorie sweetener, a detackifier for chewing gum and fructose, a nutritional supplement, a tissue modifier, and a tablet excipient. It can be used in the industry to manufacture rosin acid esters and artificial glycerol resins, explosives, and detonators (nitrocellulose mannitol) in the plastics industry. It is a good diuretic in medicine and can reduce intracranial pressure and intraocular pressure. It is the first choice for emergency medicine. One of the drugs.

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