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Paprika Powder

Paprika Powder

Product Name: Paprika Powder
Appearance: Free-flowing orange reddish powder
Saponification: 98%
Carrier: Calcium carbonate
Certification: ISO, KOSHER, HACCP, CQC


Product Description:

Paprika Powder is a natural source of red pigment in stabilized and homogenized powder, made of saponified extract of high-quality chili. It contains red xanthophylls of capsanthin and capsorubin with excellent bioavailable.

Product Name: Paprika Powder

Appearance: Free-flowing orange reddish powderu=2460345953,3498762383&fm=26&gp=0

Saponification: 98 %

Carrier: Calcium carbonate


Primarily designed natural pigment to get natural orange-red color in the skin & shank of broiler chicken and egg yolk of laying hen/duck

Direction for Use

Mix completely in feed before using. Dosage is based on different desired pigmentation levels.

Recommended Usage (expressed as g/ton feed)

Laying Hens 500 g – 2000 g

Broilers 300 g – 1500 g 

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