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Carnosic Acid

Carnosic Acid

Product Name: Rosemary Extract
Botanical Name: Rosmarinus officinalis L.
Part Used: Leaf
Appearance: Brownish Yellow Powder
Active Ingredient: Carnosic Acid
Specification: Carnosic Acid 5%-85%; Rosmarinic acid 2.5%-98%;
Test Method: HPLC
Certification: ISO, KOSHER, HACCP, CQC


Product Description:

Carnosic aicd is considered to be a natural, efficient and stable (high temperature durable),security, non-toxic and none-side-effects, oil-soluble antioxidants and a green food additive. It can be added into oil and fatty food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and feed, etc.In addition to prevent or delay the oxidation process of oil and fatty food,improve the stability of the food and extend the storage time, and be used as meat and fish sauce, it also has good physical and biological activities,such as antibacterial action, inhibiting the AIDS virus ; Carnosic aicd could effectively control body weight by regulating the absorption of fat, to achieve the goal of reducing weight, it also can treat inflammation, sore throats, and indigestion, prevent alzheimer's disease,it can treatment of diabetes, and to promote the formation of nerve growth factor etc. Carnosic aicd is also tooth

Carnosic Acid

Product Name: Rosemary Extract 

Botanical Name:  Rosmarinus officinalis L

Part Used: Leaf

Appearance:  Brownish Yellow Powder

Active Ingredient:  Carnosic Acid; Rosmarinic acid;  Diterpenes(Carnosol+Carnosic Acid)

Specification:   Carnosic Acid 5%-85%;  Rosmarinic acid 2.5%-98%; 

                       Diterpenes(Carnosol+Carnosic Acid) 10% ;Carnosol 20%


1. Organic oil-soluble antioxidant. Carnosic Acid can be directly added into the oil products, the very convenient.

2. Anti-aging effect can eliminate the free radicals that over-produced by the body and annihilate the singlet oxygen to protect the structure of the cell membrane, which can lead to slow down the aging process.

3. Strong weight-losing effect can stimulate and accelerate the metabolism of the fat by anti-oxidant activity. Not only can it lower the blood pressure, but it can also promote the lipid compounds to emit from the manure so as to lose weight.

4. Anti-cancer effect and can be used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

5. Anti-bacterial and Anti-inflammatory.


It can be used as strong natural antioxidant in lipid products and is suitable for the anti-oxidation of oily components

It is widely used in the various animal and vegetable oils and fats, meat, seafood, sauces, seasonings, baked goods, fried products, advanced confectionery, health products, pet food, natural colors, cream cosmetics, fragrances. 

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